Lesco bills for the year 2021 check online from here. You can also check iesco online bill as well as lesco bill check online from here. In the progress of a country the role of its institutions are of a vital importance. Because if these institutions yield their best then the Country become capable to administrate its affairs properly with in the country as well in International world. Pakistan is a developing country.

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It indulged into a lot of crises in the past. These crises are economical issues, terrorism, internal issues and especially of energy crises. The problem of energy shortage is of primary importance throughout the country. In order to maintain this issue there are many authorities among which LESCO is one. LESCO stands for (Lahore Electric Supply Company). 

In 1958 Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) was establish through WAPDA act.  In the beginning electricity supply service in Pakistan was undertaken by different agencies, both in Public as well as in Public sectors.

As it is obvious from its name that it is a company which came in to existence for the purpose of solving the electricity related issues. Especially of one of the important city of Pakistan as well as the provincial capital of Lahore. The customers can have access to it through its official website www.LESCO.gov.pk or lescobills.pk.

Purpose of Establishing LESCO

The main propose of LESCO is to manage the distribution of Kilowatt (k.W) in different areas of Lahore. Under the supervision of WAPDA this is working day and night for serving its LESCO customers in solving their online electricity bill issues. It also provides LESCO bills online facility. For the ease of its customers LESCO has launched the lesco bill online view system.

The Purpose of this system is that the customers can easily pay electricity bill online. Through LESCO bill view service the LESCO bill customers can view their LESCO bills online.

In addition to its LESCO consumers can approach to electricity bill in Lahore by LESCO Wapda offices. Customers can confirm the amount, units consumed and other formalities related to bills of customers. The consumers of LESCO can find their bill Bijli (electricity duplicate bill) just after clicking the link. Another useful purpose of establishing LESCO is to maintain the issues related to electric company of Lahore regarding to LESCO tariff, LESCO bill copy, load shading schedule as well as lesco bill online view Lahore.

LESCO Bills Complaint centre

For the satisfaction of LESCO consumers Lahore electric Company complaint center is there where LESCO customers can put their allegations regarding electricity bill Lahore. For the safety of time and tension electricity company of Lahore offers the facility of LESCO online bill to LESCO customer and also they can check LESCO Wapda bill.

Prize bond List

In case of missing consumer LESCO bill one can have duplicate bill LESCO. Tariff of a company is significant for its customers in the same way the customers of LESCO can also inquire the LESCO tariff.

For the service of LESCO customers there is also a LESCO helpline by which the LESCO customers can settle their bijli bill, tariff, LESCO bill copy, load shedding. Also FESCO, MEPCO, GEPCO and other electricity supply companies’ issues.

JOB’s IN LESCO Lahore Electric Supply Company

As we know that Lahore electricity supply company is an institution of Pakistan so it’s right of every Pakistani to get job there for this purpose the details are available at lescobills.pk. Any person who belongs to Pakistan and have capable and he or she satisfy the criteria which is required for the post on which he or she is applying. Either he or she is LESCO customer or not, he can have a suitable job.

For this purpose LESCO jobs 2018 is available at Official site. Where the information related to LESCO jobs, education required as well as how to apply criteria. In addition to this detail about jobs in other companies like FESCO, MAPCO, WAPDA, and GEPCO etc is also available at this page. The people who want to find a job in WAPDA can go to www.leso.gov.com to get detail about available jobs in LESCO Wapda 2018.

LESCO Consumers

For the identification of consumers LESCO nominate every customer against an I.d. number. It is the actual importance for customer because by entering this id customer can find his or her bijli bill online. Additionally consumer can view tariff of his or her bill. Customers can also introduced himself or herself to the representative of Lahore electricity bill Company. The customer can lesco bill check online , by  using this id on LESCO helpline. It can also be check by WAPDA online bill service. As well as LESCO duplicate bill can be check using the same id. If the customer not finding his or her LESCO bill Bijli or in case of missing bill. LESCO customer can pay online bill by using this id number.

Lesco Online Bill system

Lahore electric supply organization set to have a new online system for the ease of LESCO customers. Customers can settle their meters about LESCO bills and their bijli bill by using it and without wasting their precious time and money. For this purpose the LESCO online duplicate electricity bill service is available. This service is available twenty four hours and seven days a week. In this Service issues related to WAPDA and bijli bill can be solve.

lesco bills

In previous days the newly imported system of electricity meters is was inaugurated here in is now these meters are being installed throughout the city under the supervision of LESCO for the benefit of LESCO customers so that the LESCO meter reader does not find any problem in taking readings and the complete detail about a meter is available against its LESCO consumer id and the customer may cheek detail about tariff and taxes which he or she is paying to Wapda via LESCO whenever he or she want .

There are different tariffs for domestic LESCO costumers as well as industrial LESCO bijli users. Both are available with complete relevant detail including unit price, LESCO taxes amount in different sections. Lahore electric supply Company offices detail is also available at LESCO website www.LESCO.gov.pk for the verification of the among of LESCO electricity bill.

Online Bill LESCO estimator is also there so that LESCO customers may calculate their bill. This service helps the customers to pay the appropriate lesco bills. You can also check pesco bill from here.