6 Reasons Why Central American Country Is About To Become A Major Tourism Destination

When considering Central America, it is common for individuals to associate the region with countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, or Panama.

However, there exists a Central American destination that is relatively unknown but has the potential to gain significant popularity in the upcoming months and years.

Located to the south of Mexico’s Quintana Roo state, with Guatemala to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, Belize encompasses a diverse landscape characterized by its rich historical heritage, breathtaking mountain ranges, verdant forests, and picturesque shoreline, which can be considered on par with the scenic beauty seen in the Caribbean region.

This analysis presents six reasons why Belize is poised to gain popularity among American travelers, highlighting its abundant offerings.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Get There

According to a recent report, a number of prominent airlines are initiating the establishment of new flight paths or augmenting their current ones to this frequently disregarded nation situated in Central America.

The research elucidates that individuals seeking to fly to Belize have the option of direct flights from Seattle and Los Angeles through Alaska Airlines, from Miami, Charlotte, and Dallas via American Airlines, from Atlanta and Minneapolis through Delta, from New York JFK via Jet Blue, and from Houston and Denver through Southwest Airlines.

The increased attention from prominent airlines towards Belize has facilitated the accessibility of both direct and connecting flights to the country at cheaper rates.

Rich Mayan History

When considering destinations to explore remnants of ancient Central American civilizations like the Maya, Mexico is often the primary choice that comes to mind. However, it is worth noting that Belize also possesses a distinct and captivating Mayan heritage.

A considerable number of temples that can be visited are situated in the western region of the country, in close proximity to the border shared with Guatemala.

Notable sites encompass El Pilar, an ongoing excavation site; Cahal Pech, offering remarkable vistas of San Ignacio and the Belize River Valley; and Xunantunich, showcasing a formidable pyramid standing at a height of 130 feet.

Less Discovered Caribbean Coast

In addition to offering access to Mayan ruins that are less frequented compared to their Mexican counterparts, Belize boasts a captivating coastal expanse along the Caribbean Sea that exudes a comparable ambiance.

While the coastal region offers an ideal setting for extended periods of sunbathing and relaxation, it is the numerous little islands situated off the coast that truly exemplify exceptional beauty and desirability.

Koko King represents an optimal location for hosting a Caribbean beach party, and Turneffe Atoll serves as an unspoiled marine reserve renowned for its exceptional saltwater fly fishing opportunities on a global scale.

The entire region is renowned for its exceptional snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities, thereby demonstrating the remarkable clarity and beauty of its waters.

Affordable And You Can Use U.S. Dollar

Although Belize may be slightly pricier compared to certain Central American counterparts, it remains a highly cost-effective destination for vacationers.

According to Lonely Planet, it is possible to successfully navigate a journey to Belize with an estimated daily expenditure ranging from $75 to $125.

Belize use its domestic currency, the Belize dollar, as its primary medium of exchange; however, the United States dollar is also extensively acknowledged inside the nation. As of the present moment, the exchange rate between the Belize dollar and the U.S. dollar stands at approximately 0.50, thereby facilitating a straightforward conversion process.

It is not uncommon to make a payment in United States dollars and afterwards get the remaining currency in Belize dollars.

No Visa Required

An advantageous aspect of Belize is its relatively lenient visa policies for admission.

American citizens have the privilege of entering and remaining in Belize for a maximum duration of 30 days without the requirement of obtaining a visa.

One possible course of action to prolong one’s stay in Belize is to proceed to an immigration office and initiate the process of obtaining an extension for the Belize Visitor’s Permit. Frequently, it is necessary to provide evidence of one’s intention to leave the nation.

Belize provides visa-free entry to citizens of Canada as well as other European countries.


Due to its distinctive geographical positioning and modest dimensions, Belize presents an opportune option for incorporating a brief visit within a more extensive itinerary encompassing Mexico.

The coastal region of Quintana Roo in Mexico encompasses the popular beach resort of Chetumal, which is situated in close proximity to the border with Belize. Consequently, travelers have the convenient option of embarking on a leisurely journey along the Quintana Roo coastline, eventually transitioning into Belize by crossing the terrestrial boundary.

If one has already made arrangements to visit the highly frequented region of Mexico, considering a slight southward expansion to seek respite from the masses may render Belize an enticing option.

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