Download Lesco Duplicate Bill copy from this page. The utility bill term is use for the bills of different kinds of companies whose service is using by the customers. It includes the bills of electricity, gas, water, telephone and mobile phone as well. Some of the bills are of vital importance because common people use these bills and through these bills companies collect the huge amount of revenue in order to meet their expenses as a whole.

Lesco Duplicate Bill

There are many ways to pay these bills as well as to pay the amount for to the company for whose service the customers enjoy. Here the bills of all the companies which are mention above can be pay online.

Where To get Lesco Duplicate Bill

Duplicate copy of Lahore electric Company bill can be found by the following ways

  1. Customers of Lesco can get their copy of their bill by using customer id.
  2. Another way of finding Lesco Bill copy is by reference number.
  3. You can save reference number and use it when your bill is missing and by doing so you are able to obtain copy of your bill.
  4. Duplicate copy of the bill can be download from the official site of Lahore electric supply company. as well as from this page.

Procedure to Generate Lesco Duplicates Bill

Procedure is given below to generate copy of Lesco bill from online portal

  1. Open website of Lesco and after that open bill duplicate page.
  2. After that enter your reference and click on search.
  3. System will generate your bill duplicates copy. You can also download your copy of electricity bill. Additionally you can take the print of your bill.
  4. Repeat same procedure in order to check iesco bill.

If you want your electricity bill on your phone or in your email address. Just write your phone number or email address in comments. We will send you required month bill.

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