Early Conclusion of 2023 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

The Department of State has made a significant announcement regarding the 2023 Diversity Visa Program, declaring that all 55,000 available diversity visas have been allocated. This yearly program, which grants opportunities to individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States, has now concluded for the year, affecting applicants from all participating nations, including Uzbekistan.

The Quota Filled

The Diversity Visa Program, designed to promote diversity within the United States through legal immigration, operates within the confines of issuing approximately 55,000 visas each year. With this year’s allocation reaching its limit, the program has officially closed its doors for the 2023 cycle. This development marks a crucial phase for those aspiring to make the United States their new home.

A Glimpse into the Future

The good news for hopeful applicants is that the next Diversity Visa Program entry period is set to open in early October. This presents an opportunity for all eligible candidates to try their luck once more. Those who were not fortunate enough to secure a visa this year are encouraged to reapply, as the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent will release detailed information about the upcoming Diversity Visa Program as soon as it becomes available.

Acknowledging Disappointment

In light of this announcement, the U.S. Embassy has taken steps to notify applicants whose appointments have been canceled. The disappointment that some selectees may feel due to the conclusion of the 2023 program is not lost on the authorities. The embassy acknowledges the challenges faced by those unable to receive a visa this year.

A Commitment to Diversity

Despite the limitations of the program and the disappointment it may bring, the United States remains committed to facilitating travel for individuals from countries with low rates of immigration. The government recognizes the immense value that diversity brings to American communities and its significant impact on the nation’s economy.


As the 2023 Diversity Visa Program comes to a close with all 55,000 visas allocated, there is hope on the horizon for aspiring immigrants. The forthcoming opening of the next program cycle in early October provides a fresh opportunity for those seeking to make the United States their new home. The U.S. Embassy in Tashkent’s forthcoming announcements will provide crucial information for prospective applicants, ensuring that the dream of diversity and immigration to the United States remains alive and well.

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