Hungary Work Visa 2023: The Guide to Securing an Employment Visa for Hungary

Hungary, a nation situated inside the European Union, has been experiencing a notable period of accelerated urbanization. The growth and development of a nation can be observed via the transformation of its work culture. Presently, Hungary, akin to many other European societies, is often regarded as an appealing professional location due to its promising prospects and commendable equilibrium between work and personal life.

Do I need a Hungary work visa?

Individuals who have citizenship in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) are exempt from the necessity of obtaining a work visa in order to engage in employment inside the borders of Hungary. Nevertheless, those who do not possess citizenship in these specific areas must get both a residence permit and a work visa, commonly referred to as a work permit, in order to engage in lawful employment within the borders of Hungary.

In Hungary, it is obligatory for anyone who wishes to engage in employment to possess a residency permit. One has the ability to acquire a residence permit for a multitude of reasons, which encompass:

  • The first type of residence permit discussed is specifically intended for individuals seeking seasonal employment.
  • The second type of residence permit pertains to individuals who wish to engage in gainful activity.
  • The third type of residence permit is designed for individuals seeking employment opportunities. Lastly, the fourth type of residence permit is intended for professional employees.

Hungary work visa types

Hungary offers a range of work visas that can be applied for, depending on an individual’s qualifications and preferences. Presented below are several illustrations of the work visas that are granted within the borders of Hungary.

  • The employment visa is the predominant type of work visa that is typically granted in Hungary. The private business visa is specifically intended for those who have been offered employment or are currently employed by a Hungarian employer or corporation. Designed specifically for those who are in pursuit of obtaining legal authorization for engaging in self-employment or assuming the position of an executive officer within a profit-oriented enterprise.
  • A seasonal work visa refers to a type of visa that allows individuals to engage in temporary employment during specific seasons or periods of high demand in a particular industry or sector. This guide is intended for persons who are considering relocating to Hungary for the purpose of engaging in seasonal employment. According to Hungarian legislation, it is imperative that applicants hold the legal entitlement to unrestricted mobility and residency.
  • This provision particularly applies to individuals who are classified as highly skilled professionals. The user’s text lacks academic language and structure. Hungary is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. It is bordered by several countries The European Union Blue Card: The aforementioned residence permit offers the opportunity for highly skilled professional workers to both reside and work in Hungary. It is a highly commendable option for individuals who fulfill the defined conditions.

Hungary work visa requirements

The following is a comprehensive compilation of the requisite documentation necessary for the procurement of a work visa in Hungary:

  • A passport that has a minimum validity of three months, has been issued within the past ten years and contains at least two blank pages is required.
  • Additionally, the visa form needs to be completed. Please ensure that you complete and sign the document accurately, taking note of the duration of your stay. In order to obtain a residence permit and work visa, it is necessary to complete a formal application form.
  • Additionally, a photograph is required as part of the application process. Please ensure that you include two current color photographs measuring 3.5×4.5 cm, featuring a white background. These photographs should have been shot within the past six months.
  • Medical insurance refers to a form of financial protection that individuals or groups obtain to cover the costs associated with medical care and treatment. To ensure compliance, it is necessary to provide legitimate insurance documentation or obtain a 30-day coverage plan up to €30,000, should the need arise.

It is recommended that all documents adhere to the A4 format, and it is permissible to include digitized documents originating from Hungary. It is crucial to acknowledge that the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing may want supplementary documentation.

Hungary work visa application process

In the majority of instances, it is the employer’s responsibility in Hungary to initiate and get the work visa on behalf of the employee. Before commencing the visa application procedure, the employer is required to adhere to a set of distinct processes, which are delineated as follows:

  • The employment vacancy shall be publicized through the Hungarian Labor Office for a duration of 15 days, with the intention of exclusively inviting applications from Hungarian citizens.
  • Following this timeframe, a legitimate request for manpower shall be sent to the regional labor center branch. It should be noted that Hungary implements a system of quotas for foreign employees, wherein the issuance of work permits to non-native individuals is limited to the number of worker requests made by companies in the preceding year.
  • When considering the application for a work permit, employers should select either the general or simplified procedure based on the specific type of work visa that their employee is eligible for. To initiate the application process, the employer must provide the employee with the necessary application form and ensure that it is completed accurately.
  • Subsequently, the completed application form, along with the required supporting documents, should be submitted to a Hungarian embassy.
  • Following the submission, the employer can anticipate receiving the labor center’s final decision regarding the work permit within a timeframe of 10 to 30 days. Upon approval, the employer will receive a resolution issued by the labor center.

Hungary work visa validity

The duration of a work visa’s validity is contingent upon the particular kind of visa for which one is applying. For example, a seasonal work visa has a duration of 6-12 months, whereas other classifications of work visas may range from 1 to 2 years or even extend up to 3 years.

If one wishes to extend their period of working in Hungary beyond the initial visa duration, they have the option to request an extension of their work permit. It is recommended that the submission of this application be made 30 days in advance of the expiration date of the current work permit, together with the submission of all necessary papers.

Hungary work visa fees

The cost associated with obtaining a work visa for Hungary amounts to EUR 110. The payment for the work visa fee can be made at a diplomatic or consular post, the client service office of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (NDGAP), or electronically through NDGAP’s electronic information system.

Hungary work visa post-issuance obligations

Upon being given a work visa for Hungary, individuals are required to complete certain duties.

Accommodation registration

It is necessary to promptly complete the registration process for one’s place of stay in Hungary within a three-day timeframe, utilizing the prescribed standard form. The registration procedure occurs at the regional directorate (branch) that holds jurisdiction, necessitating reference to the specific accommodation site.

Health insurance card application

After acquiring the work visa, it is necessary to proceed with the application for the health insurance card. The health insurance card, referred to as the Társadalomizosítási Azonosító Jet (TAJ Card), may be obtained from the relevant local health authority in one’s place of residence. Significantly, there is no cost involved with this operation.

Employment contract notifications

As a requisite, it is imperative to inform the pertinent immigration authority overseeing your place of residence regarding any modifications in the conditions of your work permit. This includes notifying them when your employment arrangement terminates and when you subsequently commence a new contract of a similar nature. The aforementioned notification must be sent within a period of five days following the occurrence of either of these events.

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