KPK ETEA Teaching Jobs 2024 Online Apply

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Check all the details related to KPK ETEA Teaching Jobs 2024 Online Apply from here. The last date to apply is 31 January 2024. In the dawn of 2024, the educational landscape in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) witnessed a transformative announcement from the Directorate of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The proclamation reverberated across the region, heralding the commencement of online applications for Teaching ETEA Jobs in the same year. A vast array of over 12,000 teaching positions beckoned aspiring educators through the portal of the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA). These positions, akin to a tapestry of educational roles, comprised the likes of Secondary School Teacher (SST), Primary School Teacher (PST), Drawing Master (DM), Physical Education Teacher (PET), Computer Teacher (CT), and SST Information Technology (IT).

KPK ETEA Teaching Jobs 2024 Online Apply

For those with the coveted eligibility and a domicile firmly rooted in KPK, the avenue to embark on this professional journey unfolded through the digital corridors of the ETEA platform. A treasure trove of detailed insights awaited potential candidates on this page, encompassing vacant positions, the nuanced eligibility criteria for KPK Teaching ETEA Jobs 2024, and a roadmap guiding the intricate dance of the online application process.

Advertisement Issue DateNov 2023
Apply Online for ETEA Jobs 2024Click Here
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Apply ProcessOnline
DepartmentKPK Education Department
Jobs NatureFull Time

In tandem, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa issued a clarion call for Education Department Teaching Jobs in 2024, extending an open invitation for applications. The canvas of opportunity spread across Government Boys & Girls Schools operating under the aegis of the Education Department in the region. To unlock the gateway to KPK Teaching ETEA Jobs 2024, candidates were required to wield a bachelor’s degree, adorned with at least a second-division laurel from a recognized university. The melody of qualification harmonized with the age criteria, orchestrating a symphony that spanned from 20 to 35 years.

Elementary & Secondary Education Jobs 2024

Both the sons and daughters of KPK were granted the privilege to vie for these coveted positions. Entrusted with the task of shepherding the flock of applications was the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA). Their mantle encompassed the acceptance, scrutiny, and orchestration of written tests for deserving candidates, with the denouement scripted in the form of result announcements. The online portal for KPK Teaching ETEA Jobs 2024 was the threshold awaiting the footsteps of those meeting the prerequisites outlined below.

The parchment of opportunity unfolded through an advertisement of ETEA Teaching Jobs gracing the pages of Jang in the crisp November air of 2023. The virtual gateway for the initiation of online applications for ETEA Jobs 2024 beckoned through clickable links, orchestrating an elaborate symphony of digital progression. The KPK Education Department stood as the maestro orchestrating these full-time positions, where the final note of application submission awaited its cue in the imminent future. The multitude of available posts, each with its unique set of prerequisites, painted a mosaic of possibilities, with the allure of a salary exceeding 70000+ adding an extra layer of enticement.

Required Documents

The ritual of initiation into the realm of KPK ETEA Teaching Jobs 2024 Online Apply dictated the presentation of certain documents. An ensemble cast featuring the application form, Computerized National Identity Card, domicile from an authorized authority, educational certificates, and experience certificates graced the stage of eligibility.

Benevolent Fund KP Merit Scholarship

Job Title

The positions on offer embraced a diverse cast, featuring Assistant Teacher (AT), Computer Teacher (CT), Computer Teacher Information Technology (CT IT), Drawing Master (DM), Physical Education Teacher (PET), Primary School Teacher (PST), Qari/Qaria, and Secondary School Teacher (SST).

Terms & Conditions

The virtual gates for online applications swung wide open for Education Department KPK Teaching ETEA Jobs 2024. The department’s watchful eye spanned across the educational spectrum, from the elementary whispers to the resonant echoes of high school academia. Collaborating with reputable testing agencies, the department ensured a tapestry of fairness and transparency in the screening tests and interviews, with ETEA holding the baton for this performance. The written tests, conducted in an environment safeguarding the sanctity of the process, bore witness to the inclusion of quotas for females, disabled persons, and merit. A virtual map of schools with vacancies unfurled, delineating a panorama of opportunities for eligible candidates.

Boys’ Schools, each with its distinctive charm, beckoned from Abbottabad to Upper Chitral, while girls’s Schools, adorned with their allure, graced Buner to Swat. The rhythm of opportunity pulsated in the corridors of schools, including Haripur, Lower Chitral, Lakki Marwat, Malakand, Nowshera, and Peshawar.

Anticipation hung thick in the air as the Elementary & Secondary Education Jobs of 2024 in KPK awaited their crescendo. Results, answer keys, merit lists, and the revelation of interview dates promised to cast their shadows in the last week of January 2024. District-wise Merit Lists, akin to prized artifacts, were poised for unveiling. To streamline the symphony of recruitment, the KPK Government entrusted the baton to the skilled hands of the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA).

KPK ETEA Teaching Jobs 2024 Online Apply

How to Apply for KPK ETEA Teaching Jobs 2024?

For those aspiring to dance to the rhythm of KPK ETEA Teaching Jobs in 2024, the choreography of the application unfolded through a sequence of steps:

1. The stage was set at, where the digital overture played out in the form of an online application form.
2. A virtual token, akin to a key to the kingdom, was bestowed upon successful submission, manifesting in a deposit slip.
3. The slip, a parchment of commitment, found its way to UBL Bank or Easypaisa for the payment of a non-refundable test fee.
4. A plea echoed in the digital chambers: “Do not send documents; unveil them when the screening test beckons.”
5. The online journey culminated at, with the deadline looming as a final curtain call.
6. ETEA, the herald, whispered Roll No Slips to candidates via SMS, signaling the commencement of the grand spectacle.
7. Positions awaited eager applicants at, where a click on “Apply Online” ushered in the completion of the digital dance.
8. The digital manuscript, in the form of a deposit slip, embarked on its journey from the virtual realm to UBL for payment.
9. A scanned echo of the deposit slip took center stage, while the ensemble cast of documents held backstage, their grand entrance deferred.
10. The HR Department, the unseen conductor, communicated the next movements via SMS or email, orchestrating the grand finale of this digital symphony.