Load Shedding in Pakistan

Load shedding in Pakistan is one of the major issues of the country. For many years it has been the most debatable issue in all around the country. There are many institutions in Pakistan which are established to maintain this big issue but in vain. With the passage of time in spite of minimizing the difference between electricity production and its demand, the difference is increasing day by day.

Causes of Load Shedding in Pakistan

Especially in summer days when everywhere people start using conditioners and refrigerators and many other electricity appliances to save themselves form the density of heat. Additionally form the severity of summer, the level of load shedding reached at its peak. Public consider that it is the duty of Government to minimize this difference but being a genuine mind. If we think it will be clear that the responsibility of common man is also as considerable as the responsibility of Government.

Unfortunately no proper attention has given to this serious issue of load shedding in Pakistan.  Strikes, sit inns, disturbance for common man is not the solution to this problem. We need to map out the suitable way to get rid of this issue.

How to overcome load shedding in Pakistan

There are many sources as well as minerals in Pakistan. If these can be utilized properly Pakistan will become self-sufficient in energy. Intact it will be in in position to export energy to its neighboring countries which will provide us considerable income. If we take suitable measures that day is not far when load shedding in Pakistan will be the story of past. This is the only way to make the country and its residents more progressive and prosper.

Energy crises is not only the issue of Pakistan but many other in fact progressive countries is also facing the same kind of issues. But they are properly working the idea to come over this issue. Pakistan also need considerable policy to say goodbye to this creed.

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