New Petrol Prices in Pakistan from 16 January 2024

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Check new petrol prices in Pakistan. Petrol would cost Rs. 267.34 per liter in Pakistan as of January 16, 2024, and diesel costs Rs276.21 per liter. The current pricing will apply until January 16, 2024. Reports say that in the first half of January 2024, Prices for gasoline and kerosene may decrease by 90 to 98 paisas per liter, but prices for diesel and light diesel may rise by Rs1. 50 to Rs2 per liter at the same time.

Between January 16, 2024, and January 31, 2024, the caretaker government of Pakistan has resolved not to alter the price of gasoline. Due to fluctuations in global oil prices, people anticipate a decrease in gas prices by the middle of January 2024.

Because global crude oil prices keep going down and the value of the dollar is also decreasing, there’s a chance that petrol prices in Pakistan might go down starting from January 16th.

The recent change in petrol prices in Pakistan from January 16, 2024, means a decrease of 90 to 98 paisas per liter. The next review in the following two weeks might bring important news about petrol prices in 2024. Many people, struggling with rising prices, hope for lower petrol and diesel prices, especially since petrol has been consistently expensive at over Rs260 per liter for quite some time. However, the latest updates suggest that a significant drop in petrol prices is unlikely during the next review.

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New Petrol Prices in Pakistan from 16 January 2024

Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan 16th January 2024

Decreased by90 to 98 paisas per litre