Norway Work Visa 2023: How to Obtain Your Employment Visa for Norway

Norway, a country located in Northern Europe renowned for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes and exceptional quality of life, has emerged as a prominent choice for individuals seeking career opportunities beyond their own countries. Norway has consistently maintained its position as a leading country in the United Nations Human Development Index for several years. This is attributed to its ability to provide a conducive work environment that promotes good health, as well as its strong focus on innovation and inclusivity. Nevertheless, it is important for foreign workers to acquire a work visa specifically designed for Norway in order to engage in employment within the country.

Norway work visa 2023

A work visa is a mandatory requirement for foreign individuals seeking to pursue professional opportunities in Norway. The acquisition of this visa is a requirement for individuals originating from non-European Union/European Economic Area countries who intend to remain in Norway for a duration exceeding 90 days. In contrast, individuals hailing from EU/EEA nations are exempt from the requirement of obtaining a work visa. However, it is imperative for them to complete the necessary registration process with the local police authorities should they intend to extend their stay beyond a duration of three months.

Norway work visa types

Norway offers a range of work visas that are contingent upon an individual’s skill set and the nature of their employment in the country.

Skilled worker visa

This visa is required for individuals who have successfully attained a higher education degree or vocational training. This visa can be acquired by those who have received a job offer or are engaged in business activities in Norway.

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Seasonal worker visa

This visa is required for individuals engaged in temporary employment that is limited to a certain period within a given year. Similar to the skilled worker visa, it is necessary to obtain an official employment offer from one’s company.

Job seeker visa

Individuals who aspire to pursue employment opportunities as skilled workers in Norway have the option to apply for the corresponding visa. Nevertheless, religious leader/teacher roles are ineligible for this particular visa. It is important to possess a sufficient amount of funds, specifically a minimum of NOK 24,713 every month, for the duration of your sojourn. Additional conditions for this visa can be verified on the official website of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Vocational training and research visa

There are two categories of residence permits that can be sought for this particular visa. The initial option caters to individuals aspiring to become apprentices in Norway. The second option caters to academics seeking to engage in research activities within Norway, even in the absence of a Norwegian employer.

Exchange programs, culture, and organizational work visa

This particular visa category is accessible to individuals who intend to engage in a working holiday program for young adults, assume the role of a working guest in the agricultural sector, serve as an employee of a humanitarian, non-profit, or religious organization, or pursue artistic, musical, or performance-related endeavors.

Norway work visa application


In order to acquire a work visa for Norway, it is necessary to possess the following requisite documents.

  • The required documents for the application include the passport, including copies of all utilized pages, the Norway work visa application form, one current passport-sized photograph with a white backdrop, and an accommodation plan in Norway.
  • The document pertaining to the work offer Curriculum vitae (CV) and supplementary records of past employment Evidence demonstrating that the wage satisfies the visa prerequisite Certificates attesting to academic achievements
  • The printed document checklist has been duly completed and endorsed.

To access supplementary documentation pertaining to certain special situations, one may consult the comprehensive inventory available on the official website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Application procedure

To initiate the process of obtaining a work visa for Norway, it is necessary to adhere to the following procedural guidelines:

  • Please ensure that all necessary paperwork are prepared for the submission of a work visa application.
  • Complete the online application form available on the official website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). Subsequently, proceed to submit the duly filled application to the closest Norwegian Embassy or Visa Application Center.

It should be noted that individuals who are currently residing in Norway at the time of their work visa application have the option to submit their application to either the Residence Permit and Protection Services of the Norwegian police or a Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA), depending on the specific region within Norway in which they reside.

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