Pakistan Security Printing Corporation NTS Result 4 February 2024

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Check the online Pakistan Security Printing Corporation NTS Result for officer grade from here. The test date is Sunday, 4 February 2024. Established in 1969, PSPC is one of the oldest public sector corporations in the country. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding PSPC and its job openings.

About PSPC

PSPC operates three printing presses located in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, with its headquarters situated in Islamabad. It plays a crucial role in printing official documents such as the Extraordinary and Weekly Gazettes issued by the Government of Pakistan. These documents include Acts passed by the legislature, Presidential orders & ordinances, SROs, patents issued, and postings and promotions of government servants.

Pakistan Security Printing Corporation NTS Test Results

PSPC offers a diverse range of job opportunities, including apprenticeships and workers’ positions (Grade-I). With a skilled workforce of approximately 1200 individuals, PSPC boasts the largest facility for offset printing in the country. Its units are equipped with modern machinery to handle various printing jobs efficiently.

How To Check Pakistan Security Printing Corporation NTS Result

  1. Via Identity Card Number:
    • Input your ID card number into the search bar.
    • Enter the correct code.
    • Click on the search button to view your result.
  2. Through Roll Number:
    • Enter your roll number.
    • You can then download or print your PSPC test result.

Pakistan Security Printing Corporation NTS Result 4 February 2024

Significance of PSPC Jobs

Working at PSPC offers numerous benefits, including job security, opportunities for skill development, and a chance to contribute to the nation’s printing needs. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, PSPC welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds to join its workforce.