PESCO Bill Online Check 2024 Peshawar Electric Supply Company

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Here all the details are available for Peshawar Electric Supply Company PESCO Bill Online Check for the year 2024. If your Peshawar Electric Supply Company PESCO bill is lost or you do not receive it due to any reason. Then there is no need to worry. Now, you can download a duplicate copy of Pesco online by reference number or by Customer ID.

PESCO Bill Online Check By Reference Number

It is not an issue if you are unable to locate your reference number. Grap the previous bill of Pesco, look at the upper left corner, directly underneath “Connection Date.” To facilitate your understanding, we have highlighted the reference number in red on the picture. These procedures can help you easily locate your reference number for inquiries or transactions.

PESCO Bill Online Check 2024 Peshawar Electric Supply Company


Pesco, which stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company, is an organization responsible for delivering electricity to various regions within Peshawar and its vicinity. With its establishment in 1998, Pesco was initiated to address the growing demand for electricity and to ensure the provision of affordable power supply. Currently, Pesco serves a substantial population, catering to the energy needs of over 2.6 million consumers in the region. The company plays a crucial role in enhancing accessibility to electricity, contributing to the socio-economic development of the communities it serves. By consistently supplying electricity, Pesco significantly impacts the daily lives and overall well-being of the people residing in the areas under its jurisdiction. The company’s commitment to providing cost-effective electricity remains pivotal in fostering sustainable development and improving the quality of life for the communities it serves.

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Duplicate PESCO Bill Online

Follow the steps below to get the information about the Pesco bajli bill.

  1. Log in to your MyPESCO account.
  2. Click on ‘Duplicate Bills’ in the menu.
  3. Choose the month for which you need a duplicate bill.
  4. The duplicate bill will be sent to your email right away.
  5. It has the same information as the original, including the due date.
  6. You won’t be charged for getting duplicate bills.
  7. You can check the duplicate bill history for the past 6 months on the portal.

How To Download PESCO Bill Online

  • First, open the official website of Pesco.
  • If you are a new user register yourself by clicking on the register button at the top right corner of the Pesco website.
  • When you register click on the login button.
  • After you log in click on the bill section.
  • In the bill section page, there is written check your bill by reference number or by customer number.
  • It’s up to you which way you want to check the Pesco bill. If you want to check the bill by reference number. Then click on it.
  • Enter your 14-digit Pesco reference number and hit the search button.
  • The system generates the Pesco bill on your screen.

Pesco Peak Hours:

By using less electricity during peak hours you can lower your bill and stabilize the power supply for the entire area. Check the Pesco peak hours below:

From April to October6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
From November to March6 PM to 10 PM

What is PESCO Customer ID?

Your Pesco customer ID is a unique 10-digit number found on your Pesco bill, right above the reference number. It’s easy to remember and can be used to check your Pesco online bill. Pesco is dedicated to improving services for its customers, making it convenient for you to review your bill.

Service Areas of PESCO

PESCO gives electricity to KPK through 6 circles, covering over 1.2 million hectares. If you live in one of these circles, PESCO is your electricity provider. Circle details are in the table below.

Bannu CircleKhyber Circle
Mardan CirclePeshawar Circle
Swabi CircleSwat Circle

PESCO Bill Online Email Billing

Pesco has launched a new service named Pesco Email Billing. By registering with the service. You can easily get every month’s bill in your email inbox. You can register this service without fees. To register for this service open the Pesco website and click on the register button. After you fill out the form click on the submit button. Your service is active.

PESCO bill online payment in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are various methods available for online bill payment with PESCO (Peshawar Electric Supply Company). These are a few of the most widely used methods.

1. Bank Websites

In Pakistan, many banks let you pay bills online. Just log in to your bank’s website, choose PESCO bill payment, and enter your bill reference number. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the payment.

2. Mobile Banking

Pay your PESCO bills online using your bank’s mobile banking app. Log in, choose the bill payment option, enter your bill reference number, and finish the transaction.

3. Easypaisa

Easypaisa in Pakistan lets you pay PESCO bills online through its app. Download, sign up, go to “Bill Payment,” pick PESCO, enter your bill reference number, and finish the payment.

4. JazzCash

Use the JazzCash app to pay PESCO bills online. Download the app, make an account, pick “Bill Payment,” select PESCO as the biller, enter your bill reference number, and finish the payment.

PESCO Helpline:

Area NamePhone Number
Process of PESCO New Connection  

The complete procedure is mentioned below for the new PESCO meter connection.

  • Go to the PESCO office and submit your application along with the necessary papers and fees.
  • PESCO will check if it’s feasible to provide electricity to your location.
  • They will install the necessary wiring and meter for electricity.
  • Before you get power, they will test everything to make sure it works well.
  • You’ll be given a new PESCO account number.
  • The whole process usually takes 30-40 days if everything is done on time.

PESCO Bill Installment Procedure

The bill installment procedure of Pesco is mentioned below.

  • Go to the PESCO office to submit an installment request application.
  • PESCO will check your payment history and decide how much installment you need to pay.
  • The approved installment amount will be added to your usual monthly bills.
  • You need to pay the installment along with your regular monthly bill on time.
  • Keep paying installments until you have cleared the total outstanding amount.


How To Check OLD Pesco Bill Online?

You can view your old PESCO bills online by entering the Reference Number or Unique key from your electricity bills on the PESCO website or mobile app. Just provide the necessary details, choose the billing month and year, and see your previous bill information.

How Can I Check if My Pesco Bill Was Paid or Not?

In two ways you can check whether your bill is paid or not. The first one is by reference number and the second way to check is by customer ID.

How Can I Pay My Pesco Bill Online?

You can pay your Pesco bill online by using Jazz Cash or the Easy Paisa App.