SNGPL Bill Online Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

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Check the online Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited SNGPL Bill Online from here. Download duplicate bill of SNGPL. SNGPL, the company, now efficiently manages your billing records, encompassing all previous bills up to the latest one. In fulfilling various obligations, the presentation of your recent bill is seldom required. Therefore, the online duplicate SNGPL bill option facilitates easy access to your most recent billing details. In instances where a printed bill may be misplaced, the amount is still due. To address this, obtaining a duplicate bill is simple and can be easily printed.

How To Download SNGPL Bill Online

Connect your computer or smartphone to the internet, then take these easy steps to obtain a duplicate bill:

  1. Navigate to the company’s main page by clicking the link:
  2. Once on the Home page, choose the ‘Customers’ option.
  3. Click on the ‘Consumer Bill’ option.
  4. Enter your 11-digit holding consumer number on the consumer page and submit the information.
  5. The bill will appear on the screen after submission.
  6. The ‘print’ option is located in a corner box next to the soft display of the preceding consumer bill.
  7. Press the ‘Print’ button to get a printed copy.
  8. Before finalizing the print, configure printing commands, such as selecting the standard page size (A4), erasing header and footer values, choosing the layout display, and hitting the ‘Print’ button.
  9. Download the customer duplicate SNGPL bill in PDF format in soft copy, if you’d like.
  10. For convenience, the following shortcut is offered: Home Page to Customers to Consumer Bill.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly manage and obtain a duplicate SNGPL bill through the online platform.

SNGPL Bill Online Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

About Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited SNGPL

SNGPL was established in 1963. At first, it was a private company, but in January 1964, it became a public company following the rules of the Companies Act 1913, which is now called the Companies Act 2017. Currently, SNGPL is proudly listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and is considered a Public Interest Company under the Companies Act, 2017.

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How to Pay the SNGPL Bill

The payment choices provided by SNGPL are now completely automated, saving time and more convenient than ever. No need to visit a bank or office, and no hassles of waiting in queues. There are no restrictions on working hours, allowing you to make payments anytime and from any location in Pakistan. The list is mentioned below to pay online Sngpl bills.

  • ATM payment
  • Mobile App Payment
  • Jazz Cash, Easy-paisa, U account, etc.
  • Online- Internet- payment

Mission of SNGPL

SNGPL is dedicated to becoming the leading integrated natural gas provider in the region. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for their valued customers while optimizing benefits for stakeholders. With a firm commitment to providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source, SNGPL endeavors to maintain an uninterrupted supply of gas.

How To Pay SNGPL Bill Using Jazz Cash

One commonly used method for settling various bills involves utilizing the Jazz Cash app—an esteemed and reliable online payment platform. The process is straightforward and seamless, enabling users to conveniently pay their SNGPL / SSGC consumer bills from the comfort of their homes at any time.

  • Make sure you have an active Jazz Cash account before starting the payment.
  • Dial *786# to access the key code, revealing a menu of services provided by the Jazz Cash app.
  • Navigate to the ‘Pay Bill’ option, which is the second item on the list.
  • Subsequently, a list of bill types will appear; choose ‘Gas Bill.’ From there, select ‘SNGPL’ and proceed to input your 11-digit SNGPL consumer ID.
  • Following the ID input, enter your password key, also known as the MPIN, to complete the transaction (the same password used for Jazz Cash account transactions). A confirmation message will be sent to you once everything is complete.
  • For a more direct approach to paying your SNGPL online bill, dial 786222#.
  • Follow the prompts to reach stage 5, where you’ll input the 11-digit ID and finalize the transaction.


  1. What is the SNGPL Bill and how is it calculated?
    • SNGPL Bill refers to the invoice issued by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited for natural gas consumption. It is calculated based on the amount of gas consumed and the prevailing tariff rates.
  2. How can I pay my SNGPL Bill?
    • SNGPL Bills can be paid through various channels, including online payment portals, designated bank branches, ATMs, and mobile banking apps. Details for payment options are provided on the bill.
  3. What should I do if I receive a high or inaccurate SNGPL Bill?
    • In case of a high or inaccurate bill, customers should contact SNGPL’s customer service helpline immediately to report the issue. They may request a bill review or clarification regarding the charges.
  4. Is there a grace period for paying the SNGPL Bill?
    • SNGPL typically provides a grace period for bill payment after the due date. However, it is advisable to check the bill for the specific due date and grace period details, as they may vary.