The Canada Startup Visa 2023: An Exposition of Canada’s Entrepreneurial Immigration Visa

Canada is actively engaged in fostering a climate that promotes innovation and collaboration, rendering it a highly desirable location for entrepreneurs seeking to establish novel enterprises. One of the methods by which this objective is being realized is through the implementation of the Canada Startup Visa program. This project provides streamlined pathways for immigrants possessing innovative company concepts to get permanent residency and pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors in Canada.

Canada startup visa latest news

The startup visa program in Canada has lately experienced a significant enhancement with the extension of the work permit period from one year to three years. The implementation of this adjustment has been undertaken primarily with the objective of providing enhanced support to immigrant entrepreneurs. Furthermore, individuals who have a startup visa are now eligible to get open work permits with an extended duration of validity. This alteration allows individuals to be employed by any Canadian firm, in contrast to the former stipulation that restricted their employment to their own new enterprise.

Canada startup visa

The start-up visa program in Canada, commonly referred to as the SUV Program, has been carefully designed to attract immigrant entrepreneurs who possess the skills and abilities to build innovative firms within the country. These entrepreneurs are not solely anticipated to demonstrate their innovative capabilities, but also their aptitude in generating employment prospects for Canadian citizens and effectively competing on an international scale. In order to meet the requirements for participation in this program, participants are required to obtain endorsement and support for their innovative business concept from one of the recognized organizations.

It is important to acknowledge that this particular visa option is not suitable for individuals who have the purpose of establishing permanent residency in the province of Quebec. Quebec maintains its own separate business immigration scheme. It is advisable for anyone contemplating Quebec as their chosen destination to consult the official immigration website of Quebec for additional information.

Canada startup visa requirements

In order to qualify for the Canada Startup Visa, specific conditions must be satisfied. These encompass the subsequent items.

Have a qualifying business

The start-up visa program in Canada imposes unique criteria on a qualifying business during two separate stages.

In the preliminary commitment stage, it is mandatory for every applicant, with a limit of 5 individuals as owners, to hold a minimum of 10% voting rights in the outstanding shares. Concurrently, it is imperative that the designated organization possesses a combined voting power exceeding 50%.

In order to get permanent residency, it is necessary for the created business to exhibit active management within Canada, engage in significant operations within the nation, and possess incorporation status in Canada. The aforementioned conditions serve to establish the significant level of Canadian engagement and contribution within the organization.

Get a letter of support from a designated organization

Applicants are required to obtain a letter of endorsement from a designated organization, which is a duly recognized business body that possesses the authority to invest in or offer assistance to prospective start-up ventures.

In order to accomplish this objective, it will be necessary for you to:

  • Commence communication with the targeted group in order to gain insight into the procedure for acquiring their support. Persuade the organization that your company concept is worthy of their endorsement.
  • It is necessary to acquire a formal letter of endorsement from the specified organization.

Once a consensus has been reached with the selected entity, a letter of endorsement will be provided, which is a mandatory requirement for inclusion in your visa application.

Meet the language requirement

Proficiency in English, French, or both languages is crucial for the success of your business in Canada, as it enables good communication and operations. Consequently, it is required that applicants undergo a language proficiency examination offered by an authorized organization and include the examination results as a component of their application.

In order to be considered, applicants are required to attain a minimum proficiency level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French across the following four domains:

  • speaking
  • reading
  • listening
  • writing

Utilize the obtained test results to determine your Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level. It is important to acknowledge that applications that do not fulfill the specified linguistic standards will be promptly rejected.

Bring enough money to settle

The Government of Canada does not offer financial aid to new immigrants who join the country through the start-up visa program. As a result, individuals seeking admission are obligated to provide substantiation showcasing their ability to provide financial support for themselves and their dependents upon their entry into Canada.

The precise quantity required is contingent upon the size of one’s familial group.

Number of Family MembersFunds Required (CAD)
More than 7$3,706 per member

Canada startup visa application process

In order to initiate the application process for the Canada startup visa, it is advised to adhere to the subsequent procedural guidelines:

  • Acquire the application package, which encompasses a comprehensive document checklist and an instructive guide.
  • Please ensure that all fields on the Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM 0008] are accurately completed on your computer. Subsequently, validate the form to ensure its accuracy and proceed to print it. Please affix your signature and date where necessary, ensuring that your data is accurately recorded within the distinct barcodes.
  • The recommended approach is to arrange all essential papers in accordance with the specified sequence as outlined in the Document Checklist. Please affix your signature to the checklist and utilize it as the front page of your application packet, which should thereafter be enclosed within a securely sealed envelope.
  • Please ensure that you remit the necessary payments for the relevant expenses, which encompass processing fees for all applicants, the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF), and biometrics fees.
  • It is advisable to include the RPRF along with your application in order to mitigate the possibility of any potential delays. The payment of the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) is a prerequisite for individuals seeking to obtain Canadian permanent residency.
  • It is important to consider supplementary expenses such as medical examinations, police certificates, and language testing. In the majority of instances, applicants are required to remit the biometrics fees at the time of submitting their application, which encompasses the cost associated with the acquisition of digital photographs and the collection of fingerprints.
  • Please ensure that your application is submitted using either regular mail or courier services to the specified address.

Canada Startup Visa cost

The cost associated with the Canada startup visa encompasses several components, such as the application fee, right to residency fee, expenses for including a spouse, biometric fee, and other related charges. Presented below is a comprehensive summary of the costs that were expended during the application process:

Application TypeFees (CAD)
Your applicationCAD 1625
Right of permanent residence feeCAD 515
Include your spouse or partnerCAD 1,365
Include your spouse or partner (without right of permanent residence fee)CAD 850
Include a dependent childCAD 230 (per child)
Biometrics feeCAD 85  (per person)

It is important to note that the aforementioned list does not encompass any supplementary charges imposed by third parties, such as fees associated with language testing, medical examinations, police certifications, and other related expenses.

Canada startup visa processing time

At present, the duration required for processing, which encompasses the biometrics processing period, amounts to 37 weeks. The duration of individual processing time may differ due to several circumstances, including the nature of the application submitted and the completeness of the application in all aspects.

Canada startup visa permanent residence

The Startup visa program in Canada is well recognized as a highly attractive immigration channel for entrepreneurs due to its facilitation of the process for obtaining permanent residence in the country. The acquisition of permanent residency in Canada affords individuals the opportunity to avail themselves of a range of social advantages, inclusive of public healthcare, so contributing to an enhanced quality of life.

The following are key components pertaining to permanent residency under the framework of the Canada Startup Visa program.

  • The individuals who are granted the Canada startup visa are able to obtain permanent residency status in Canada.
  • The permanent residence status of the applicant’s spouse or partner, as well as their dependent unmarried children under the age of 22, grants them the opportunity to work and pursue education in Canada. The startup visa program in Canada does not include any provisions that tie the applicant’s permanent resident status to the success or performance of their startup.
  • Upon obtaining permanent resident status, individuals are granted the freedom to engage in any occupation of their preference, as they are also issued an open work permit.
  • According to the regulations of the Canada startup visa program, those who hold permanent residency status are deemed eligible to pursue Canadian citizenship upon fulfilling a residency requirement of three years within the country. Canadian citizenship offers other extra advantages, such as the privilege to participate in democratic processes through voting and the unlimited ability to pursue employment and educational opportunities.

Canada startup visa benefits

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, successful candidates of Canada’s startup visa will also experience several more benefits.

  • Immigrant entrepreneurs who make use of the startup visa program have the ability to launch innovative firms, thereby promoting job creation within the Canadian economy and enhancing worldwide competitiveness.
  • Newcomers in the entrepreneurial sphere will be provided with crucial assistance to effectively negotiate the intricate intricacies of the Canadian business environment, thereby offering significant value to their initial endeavors.
  • The program encompasses a wide range of entrepreneurs, thereby facilitating access to extraordinary talents from around the world and enhancing private sector enterprises with a broader array of inventive individuals.

Canada Startup Visa Business Incubator

A business incubator, which operates as a non-profit organization, assumes a crucial function in facilitating the advancement of startups and nascent firms by expediting their growth. These entities offer crucial services, including office amenities, guidance from experienced professionals, training in managerial skills, and prospective prospects for investment in new business ventures. When an incubator approves a project, it demonstrates their confidence in the business concept and their dedication to accelerating its achievement.

In the process of seeking a Canada startup visa via a business incubator, it is not mandatory to provide any financial contribution. The sole requirement is for the incubator to validate the entrepreneur’s admittance into their accelerator program.

Canada startup visa minimum investment

As previously indicated, in the context of applying for a startup visa via an incubator, there exists no stipulated minimum investment prerequisite. Nevertheless, in the event that an individual seeks to obtain a startup visa by means of an angel investment group or venture capital group, it is imperative to note that there exists a stipulated minimum investment prerequisite.

The minimal investment needs can be outlined as follows:

Type of SupportMinimum Investment
Venture Capital FundCAD 200,000
Angel InvestorCAD 75,0000

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