The Top 4 Google Flight Hacks That Every Traveler Needs To Know

Do you have any upcoming trip plans?

Remember to check Google Flights before booking your next trip, and make sure you are familiar with our top 4 tips!

One of the best websites for finding cheap flights is Google Flights. The application, developed by Google, lets you look for and book flights.

Many people are unaware of Google Flights’ full potential and how it may simplify and save you money on your trip arrangements.

The following four travel tips can help you make the most of Google Flights:

1. New Feature Tells You Best Time To Book

The optimal time to book your ticket has recently been made available through a new feature on Google Flights.

Currently, Google Flights will inform you when you perform a flight search whether the prices for the dates you have chosen are low, average, or high based on historical data.

The search results will now go one step further and tell you precisely when it is best to book your flights to get the most incredible deals.

This can give you a fairly excellent idea of when to book because it is based on historical data and Google has said that the price trends from 2022 have been steady so far in 2023.

2. Search Flights To Flexible Destinations

Searching for flexible destinations is another method to make use of Google Flights. Simply enter your departure city in that field if you don’t yet have a destination in mind.

After that, Google Flights will display a map with all the places you can fly to and their respective prices for the dates you’ve chosen. Without having to conduct numerous searches for various locations, this is a terrific method to browse and search for an inexpensive vacation spot.

You can adjust the calendar to look for weekend, one-week, or two-week excursions in any given month if your travel dates are flexible. This will display the very best deals on all flights for that particular month to all locations.

3. Google Flights Price Guarantee

A little-known option on Google Flights called Price Guarantee lets you request a refund if the price of your flight drops after you’ve already purchased it.

This is only accessible if “Book with Google” is listed as a booking option during your flight search.

Usually, Google Flights gives you the choice of making a reservation either directly with the airline or through a third-party travel agent. If a third-party travel agency is an option, you should also have the choice to “Book with Google.”

Additionally, it is only accessible on planes leaving the United States. When you try to book your flight, search for the “Price Guarantee” badge.

If you choose this option and the price of the ticket drops before your flight, you will be refunded the difference.

The Google Flights Price Guarantee offers rewards of up to $500 annually.

4. Set Fare Alerts To Track Flight Prices

Last but not least, Google Flights allows you to establish fare alerts and follow pricing for a particular search.

You can establish a fare alert to receive emails whenever the price changes if you have your eye on a trip but aren’t ready to buy your tickets just yet.

You can either track all dates for flights to a particular destination or establish a fare alert for a single destination and a specified range of dates.

When you wish to monitor a particular flight or all flights to a specific location before making your reservation, this option is helpful. To receive alerts, simply choose “Track Prices”.

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