Top 5 Destinations To Visit In Spain In 2023

Given the abundance of prominent vacation destinations dispersed around Spain, it presents a challenge to limit one’s itinerary to a mere selection of one or two locations. There exists a plethora of sights and activities, as well as numerous lesser-known tiny towns that remain unfamiliar to the majority of travelers.

Although Madrid and Barcelona are frequently included in vacation plans due to their popularity, there exist several lesser-known destinations that are frequently explored by the local population. One effective approach to organizing a journey across the nation is to emulate the behaviors and customs of the local inhabitants.

Spain provides a diverse range of attractions beyond its renowned coastal areas and urban centers. The country offers a diverse range of cultural experiences, expat towns, delectable foods, and historical locations, catering to a wide array of interests and preferences.


It is not surprising that this coastal area is the most often searched place by residents. Situated along the Costa Del Sol, this picturesque region is encompassed by mountain ranges and bordered by the vast expanse of the ocean in all directions.

Nerja, situated in the Andalusian region of Spain, features a central area adorned with tiled pavement and palm palms. With a plethora of beach options available, this location is ideal for individuals seeking adventure, particularly those who have an affinity for engaging in water-based recreational activities.


The highest ranking is attributed to yet another coastal location. Benalmadena, situated along the Costa Del Sol, is a favored destination among both residents and tourists who have a penchant for maritime activities.

With its diverse range of beaches and the presence of the Tivoli World theme park, this location is very suitable for families with children who wish to engage in exploration activities. The town is home to the Benalmadena Aquarium, which benefits from the rich marine biodiversity found in the adjacent oceans.


Marbella, being a frequently visited destination, is often included in the itineraries of individuals traveling across Spain. This city possesses a gorgeous quality in every aspect due to its location amidst the Sierra Blanca Mountains.

The coastal region is characterized by the presence of azure waves, opulent yachts, high-end boutiques, and gastronomically delightful dining establishments. The local seafood in this region is highly recommended for tourists to experience. Seville is located at a distance of somewhat less than three hours from the busy coastal city, making it an opportune location for exploration.


In close proximity to Marbella, it is advisable to consider embarking on a day excursion to explore an additional renowned destination. The summer months saw a significant influx of residents to Malaga, primarily attributed to the presence of its exquisite beaches.

Malaga, the birthplace of famed artist Pablo Picasso, is internationally recognized for its rich artistic heritage, boasting a collection of Spain’s most esteemed art museums. The urban environment is undeniably a hub for individuals passionate about art, offering a plethora of activities and attractions to engage with.

Malaga boasts a wealth of historical significance and presents a unique combination of ancient heritage juxtaposed with stunning coastal landscapes. In close proximity to Cadiz, embarking on a road trip along the coastal route is quite attainable.


The sole location among the top five that is not situated in the region of Andalusia. Benidorm, situated on the Eastern Coast of Spain inside the area of Valencia, is a popular destination mostly frequented by local residents and British expatriates.

Benidorm has seen significant transformation since its origins as a fishing community prior to the 1960s. Presently, the coastal resort has transformed into a vibrant hub of nocturnal activities, attracting visitors from various age groups.

Benidorm offers a range of recreational activities with its two beaches and vibrant promenades, ensuring a constant array of options for visitors. Located in close proximity to Valencia, this destination offers convenient accessibility for both day trips and extended weekend getaways.

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