You can complaint against LESCO. In order to provide the necessary facilities to the customers of LESCO. The company has introduced an online system for the satisfaction of any kind of complaint against the company. This is the age of science and technology and every one is quite busy in his or her daily routine work that one has no time to stand and stare.

This system is providing sufficient facilities to both company as well as its customers. Who are not in absolute comfort after using other means intended for the satisfaction of their problems related to LESCO.

For the usage of this online system there is a proper set of instructions. Which is necessary to know for any customer. Who is willing to use online system for the registration of his or her query related to LESCO.

Procedure To Complaint Against LESCO

  1. Select the nature of complaint from the list.
  2. Inter the 14-digit reference number which is on bill.
  3. Enter the customer name as well as other data demanded by the site by keeping the bill in view.
  4. Give meter number according to bill and mobile number of customer or email address.
  5. After completing the demanded requirement click the submit button to file your complaint.
  6. The system will generate a ticket number for your complaint and give the excepted date of the suitable action against that complaint.
  7. Note down this ticket number and date carefully and present on demand.

Complaint Against LESCO

History of your complaint

If you fancy checking the history of your complaint you should enter your consumer reference number. Which is given on your bill and then click submit button then site will display you a summary of all complaints. Any customer can file a complaint against LESCO easily as well as he/she able to check his/her complaint status.

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